Job Training

  • Completing job applications

  • Appropriate interviewing techniques

  • Realistic expectations about salary, hours, benefits;

  • Acceptable grooming, personal hygiene, demeanor and attitude;

  • Satisfactory presence on a job;

  • Following rules and regulations;

  • Getting along with supervisor(s) and co-workers;

  • Desirable work habits and attributes;

  • When job changes are appropriate;

  • Proper steps for leaving/terminating jobs;and

  • Strategies for seeking job advancement and promotions

Job Readiness

The Re-Entry Center of Ocala utilizes a comprehensive workshop called Job Survival: Strategies for Job Success. The purposes and topics for this workshop is to

  1. Improve Soft Skills

  2. Increase Job Retention

  3. Get to Know Yourself and Your Skills

  4. Getting Ahead on the Job. Inmates start by being tested on their knowledge regarding best practices on the job with the objective of becoming a valued employee.

Life Skills

  • The Re-Entry Center of Ocala offers life skill classes based on individualized needs. These may include and are not limited to:

    • Values clarification

    • Planning for Independent Living

    • Motivational techniques

    • Victim Awareness

    • Changing Thinking Patterns

    • Effective inter/intra personal skills

    • Use of effective communication and listening skills

    • Effective problem solving

    • Accepting constructive criticism

    • Coping with anxiety and stress

    • Decision making; and

    • Setting long and short term goals


Our Parent Education course is approved by the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF).

Anger Management

  • The Re-Entry Center of Ocala will coach the inmates into making positive changes in their lives and re-focus the men toward effective problem solving skills.


The Re-Entry Center of Ocala shall provide licensed outpatient-substance abuse treatment counseling to any inmate that is identified by the Department of Corrections to be mandated for substance abuse program. The program will be directed at changing drug-abuse and criminal behaviors of inmates with a history of substance abuse and to develop other social skills necessary for the inmates’ successful re-entry into society.


The Re-Entry Center of Ocala shall provide licensed aftercare substance abuse services to any inmate who has completed the outpatient substance abuse program while at the Work Release Center.


The Re-Entry Center of Ocala shall provide licensed substance abuse intervention services to any inmate that is identified by the Department of Corrections to be mandated for substance abuse program participation, and who has less than four (4) months remaining until release and who has not successfully completed an In-Prison Intensive Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Program. Intervention services include activities and strategies that are used to prevent or impede the development or progression of substance abuse and shall include individual, group counseling and case management.

Basic Computer Skills

The Re-Entry Center of Ocala offers a web based course on basic computer skills. Our goal is to give the men a solid foundation..

Toast Masters 

Toastmasters International is a world leader in communication and leadership development. The inmates improve their speaking and leadership skills.

Alpha Series

Is a program that explains the gospel of Jesus Christ in a way that ordinary people can understand and apply it to themselves.

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