The Federal Bonding Program is a unique tool to help a job applicant get and keep a job. The Program issues a $5,000 Fidelity Bond  a business insurance policy that protects the employer in case of any loss of money or property due to employee dishonesty. It s like a guarantee to the employer that the person hired will be an honest worker. The bond is given to the employer free-of-charge for six(6) months, and serves as an incentive to the company to hire a job applicant who is a current offender or has some other risk factor in their personal background. The employer is then able to get the workers skills without taking any risk of worker dishonesty on the job. After six(6) months the bond expires and the employer has the option of purchasing a bond. Hopefully the RECO client has proven himself to be trustworthy and a bond would not be necessary after six(6) months.

NOTE: Before a bond can be issued, the applicant must receive a job offer and the employer must schedule a date to start work.


  • NO deductible in bond insurance amount if employee dishonesty occurs

  • no age requirements for bondee other than legal working age

  • no other u.s program provides fidelity bonding services

  • no federal regulations covering bonds issued

  • any jobs at any employer in any state can be covered by the bond


  • Any at-risk job applicant is eligible for bonding services, including: ex-offenders, recovering substance abusers (alcohol or drugs), welfare recipients and other persons having poor financial credit, economically disadvantaged youth and adults who lack a work history, individuals

  • dishonorably discharged from the military, and others

  • Anyone who cannot secure employment without bonding

  • All persons bonded must meet the legal working age set by the State in which the job exists

  • Self-employed persons are NOT ELIGIBLE for bonding services (bondee must be an employee who earns wages with Federal taxes automatically deducted from paycheck)

  • Bonds can be issued to cover already employed workers who need bonding in order to (a) prevent being laid off, or (b) secure a transfer or promotion to a new job at the company

  • Bonding coverage can apply to any job at any employer in any State


  • Any organization is now eligible to deliver bonding services under The Federal Bonding Program; for many years bonding services were almost exclusively delivered by the State Employment Service 

  • All organizations issuing Fidelity Bonds must be certified to do so by The Federal Bonding Program

  • The Fidelity Bonds issued to employers covering at-risk applicants are made available exclusively to The Federal Bonding Program by Travelers which is not duplicated by any other U.S. program

  • Bonds are issued instantly to be in effect the day that the applicant is scheduled to start work; the bonds are self-terminating (no termination paperwork needed), and the employer does not sign any papers in order to receive the bond free-of-charge

  • The bond insurance issued ranges from $5,000 to $25,000 coverage for a 6-month period with no deductible amount (employer gets 100% insurance coverage); when this bond coverage expires, continued bond coverage can be purchased from TRAVELERS by the employer if the worker demonstrated job honesty under coverage provided by The Federal Bonding Program

  • Bond can be issued to the employer as soon as the applicant has a job offer with a date scheduled to start work

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